Soak in the soap!

Soak in the soap!

Soak in the soap!

Soap, detergent, potato pot-ah-to...what’s the difference? Well, soaps are created from natural ingredients, making them completely additive free, while synthetic detergents are typically created from oil and petroleum.

Both are effective cleaners, and, for many adults, detergents are a great option! But baby bodies have thin, sensitive skin that's not fully developed. It's best to avoid exposing them to the synthetic chemicals in detergents. This contact can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and a big headache for mom and dad.

Soaps have been used by humans for centuries and the principles behind their effectiveness remain the same, but we have the added benefit of years of research and scientific study behind our products. Allowing to select what we believe are the safest, most effective, and best smelling ingredients there are. All while avoiding the synthetic stuff.


Wash Away...or not 

Soaps have a bonus when keeping your little one clean: they easily wash away. While this may be an afterthought for mom and dad, proud owners of fully developed skin, the residue from detergents can lead to skin irritation on infants. So can spending tons of time trying to scrub it away! 

Soaps have a higher viscosity, which allows them to provide the cleaning we need, then when we’re done, easily wash away. Soaps destroy and remove microscopic substances. Detergents, ironically, simply lift these substances and wash them away. If you want to get rid of harmful, microscopic substances, without having a lingering residue, soap is the way to go!

Our soap doesn’t use: 
  • Brighteners 
  • Phosphates 
  • Chelating Agents 
  • Synthetic Perfumes 
  • Colorants 
  • Enzymes 
  • Preservatives  


    Moral of the Story 

    We don’t want to poopoo on anything - that’s the baby’s job. And there’s nothing wrong with detergents. But there is a difference, and for many of our favorite, loud, crazy, silly family members, the non-irritating nature of soap has turned out to make a pretty big difference when it comes to happy skin. So the next time it’s time to suds up, give it a try!