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How many loads of wash can a bottle of laundry soap clean?

16 loads, even.

How much laundry soap should be used per load?

50-75 mL, our cap is made to measure so that the right amount of soap gets put in each load.

What’s the difference between detergent and soap?

While detergents are synthetic, soaps have been around since ancient Rome. Unlike detergents, our soaps aren’t petrolium-based, they don’t need all the preservatives that detergents do, and they leave a squeaky clean feeling that detergent could never imitate.

Are these products natural?

All of our soaps are 100% bio-based, we only use ingredients that will be gentle on the most sensitive skin.

How long have these products been around?

Over 20 years. They were developed by a team of mom dermatologists and since then have exploded in popularity across Eastern Asia. Think of the Aveno of Japan, but much more gentle.

How long does shipping normally take?

If ordered through our website, standard shipping takes an estimated 5-7 days. When you place an order, you will receive a tracking code that activates within 24 hours to allow you to keep an eye on your order’s progress.

How long do I have to return a product I have ordered?

We offer a 45-day satisfaction guarantee for any products purchased through our website. See our Refund and Return policy for more details.

Is international shipping offered?

We can ships to any US State, Puerto Rico, and to US Armed Force bases. Arau.baby is well established in countries out side of the US as well, but orders need to be placed through your domestic arau.baby website.

What testing has been done to ensure Arau.baby products are safe for newborns?

We keep known irritants synthetic ingredients out of our products when putting them together. After our soaps are developed, we put together cohorts of volunteer parents to receive product and bring their children to visit dermatologists throughout use of Arau Baby to make sure that none of our ingredients are causing irritation or allergic reactions. If there are any issues, we don't sell it.

Is the baby bottle wash safe for all materials?

Yes, our Bottle Wash is safe for all materials, wash away!

Can detergent residue affect my baby?

Residue is a big cause for irritation and allergies for little ones. Arau Baby soaps are made to wash completely free from skin, clothing, and bottles to avoid this. Synthetic detergents tend to stick around, so as a rule we don’t include them in our products.

Are there any allergens or irritants in arau.baby soaps?

We don’t use any detergents, artificial fragrances, brightening agents, colorants, or silicone in any of our soaps to avoid irritating our kiddo’s skin.

is the newborn body wash safe for sensitive and eczema-prone skin?

We make our soaps with sensitive skin top of mind. Our body is gentle on eczema-prone skin.

Can I use the body wash on a newborns face and hair?

Yes! It is a body and head wash. Since it is a soap (soaps have a higher pH, it’s best to keep out of the eyes. If there is any soap that gets in the eyes, flush thoroughly with water.

What should I do if the body wash gets into my newborns eyes?

If body wash gets in eyes, flush thoroughly with water

Is the body wash safe to use daily on newborn skin?

Yes! Our Body Wash is perfect for daily use. We recommend moisturizing after bath time and swaddling in fabric washed with a laundry soap free of additives to avoid lingering chemicals. We just happen to offer a laundry soap that fits the bill.

Are there any chemicals in the body wash?

We don’t put any additives in our soaps to avoid irritation and keep sensitive skin healthy. We avoid any other synthetic chemicals for the same reason.

Are there any lotions or creams that should be used after bathing?

We have a Milky Lotion which will available soon! We recommend a three-step bath time process that starting with wash time, followed by moisturizing, and wrapping up with a cozy swaddling.

Is the laundry soap suitable for cloth diapers?

Yes, and if there are any tough stains try presoaking with our Laundry Soap for best effect.

Are there any fragrances in the laundry soap?

We add a light touch of lavender oil in our Laundry Detergent for a fresh after-wash scent. We are coming out with a fragrance free and citrus scent very soon! No matter the product, you can be certain that we never use artificial fragrances.

Are there any washing machine restrictions for the laundry soap?

Nope! Our Laundry Soap is made for High Efficiency washers and should work perfectly in any type of machine.

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