Play it Safe

Keeping your newborn safe and healthy is the biggest priority for new parents. It’s why we spend so much time researching everything under the sun, comparing products, asking friends and family members for advice, and sacrificing so much energy to the newest members of the family. 

As parents ourselves, we created to take away some of the fear, and confusion, to help you spend more quality time, rather than time spent questioning. Our products are specifically designed for the unique skincare needs of newborns, and thoroughly tested to ensure they’re safe for most babies’ skin. 

Pass the Test 

We have roots in hygiene dating back 75 years, with a research and development team that was established 50 years ago to provide the highest quality hygiene products that provide the level of care people need, without causing undue environmental harm. 

A team of expert mothers on our Research and Development (R&D) team began developing products to specifically meet the needs of new families 20 years ago. We started with one major insight: despite how protection it provides us, skin can oftentimes be overlooked when it comes to our overall health, especially when compared to other organs. 

And the need for care is even more important when it comes to the developing skin of a newborn. As adults, we have thicker skin – literally – which provides our bodies with more of a barrier. We knew with newborn skin still in development, we needed to create soaps that would safely provide a powerful clean, while remaining gentle.  

Born from the Earth 

Our research found that many of the synthetic cleaning agents in detergents could irritate a baby’s skin, and potentially even cause allergies to flare up. As adults, we’ve been exposed to the world for years, but a newborn doesn’t have that immunity built in yet. 

The safest solution was to create natural soaps using natural ingredients our bodies have been in contact with for generations. Each plant-based product is created through carefully selected, and thoroughly tested, ingredients to prevent irritation. The bonus is these products safely and easily wash away, meaning less irritating residue left on the skin after bathing. 

The Difference 

Products do not contain: 

In order to avoid: 

Synthetic fragrances 

Skin allergens 


Loss of effectiveness 

Saponified oil 

skin allergens and sensitizers 


skin problems, nausea, diarrhea, kidney issues 

Sodium benzoate 

inflammation, allergies