Caring Deeply

A babies skin has different needs than yours. was formulated for them. 

Smooth, soft and delicate. 

As with the rest of your newborn’s body, their skin isn’t fully developed yet. It’s new to the world, and thus more susceptible to many irritants we’ve grown used to. Their skin is only half as thick as an adults, meaning they don’t have as much of a barrier to protect them from the outside world. Call them thin-skinned, but you’ll do whatever you can to care for them. 

Due to all of this, your newborn can be easily irritated by clothes, diapers, dirt, germs, and other allergenic substances. products are specifically formulated to help prevent irritation, and promote healthier skin. Which all adds up to happier babies, and just as importantly, parents! 

Healthy habits start from day one 

Keeping your infants skin healthy and clean helps it grow into the strong organ you have today. Not to mention avoiding the fussing and doctor visits we’ve already had far too much of. The key to keeping your baby's delicate skin healthy is to keep it clean, protecting it from skin problems. Using non-irritating clothes and towels can also help support a healthy, happy baby.