Remove Urine Smell From Clothes: Easy Tips & Tricks

Remove Urine Smell From Clothes: Easy Tips & Tricks

Remove Urine Smell From Clothes: Easy Tips & Tricks

Dealing with urine smells on clothes may feel overwhelming, but you can effectively remove those stubborn odors with the right steps. Below, we’ll discuss the simple but powerful steps for tackling urine smells to keep clothes smelling fresh.

Eliminating Urine Odors From Kids’ Clothing

Urine odors are a common issue for many parents. From potty training accidents to diaper leaks, dealing with urine smells is a part of parenthood. These accidents can happen anytime, leaving behind odors that stick around. Lingering odors can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and potential hygiene issues for your child. We know how stressful this can be for parents, so we created this guide to make it as easy as possible to remove these annoying scents. Check out the steps and tips below to learn how to get the pee smell out of kids’ clothes.


Why Does Urine Smell Stick to Clothes?

Urine is made from uric acid, which forms crystals that stick to clothing fibers as the urine dries. Over time, these crystals release odor molecules that create that distinct pee smell. Uric acid crystals are resilient, and once they really set into the fabric, the smell becomes difficult to remove with a regular wash cycle. You should clean urine stains quickly before the crystals can embed too far into the clothing fibers. 

Preparing to Remove Urine Smell From Clothes

Before trying to remove a urine smell from clothes, you should identify the affected areas. Gather materials like odor-fighting detergents, baking soda, and vinegar to remove the odor effectively. You can also grab an enzyme-based stain remover designed for tough stains and odors.

Methods for Removing Urine Smell

Here are some tips for how to get the pee smell out of toddler clothes.

  • Sprinkle some baking soda directly on the urine stain to offset the smell.
  • Use a vinegar wash to thoroughly clean the clothes.
  • For difficult stains, apply an enzyme stain remover and leave it for five minutes or more before rinsing.
  • Use a kid-safe detergent and cold water when cleaning clothes in the washer. 
  • Try rewashing clothes in hot water to treat extra stubborn smells and sanitize the clothing.

Step-by-Step Guide for Removing Urine Smell

Check out the steps below to learn how to get rid of the pee smell on clothes

Step 1: Rinse

Thoroughly rinse the affected areas with water. Rinsing the clothes dilutes the urine and prevents it from setting too far into the fabric. 


Step 2: Apply Odor Neutralizers 

Apply odor-neutralizing materials like baking soda or enzyme-based stain removers. Baking soda is great at absorbing odors, making it a budget-friendly home remedy. Enzyme-based stain removers are made with active enzymes that break down urine to remove the smell effectively.


Step 3: Vinegar 

A vinegar wash is another great way to get rid of lingering odors in clothes. Vinegar has natural deodorizing properties that help remove unpleasant smells. Just add a cup of white vinegar to your washing machine’s rinse cycle along with your detergent to effectively offset odors and leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean.


Step 4: Wash

Use a baby-safe detergent and wash your child’s clothes in cold water. Baby-safe detergents are specially designed to be gentle but effective in removing stains and odors from fabrics. These detergents are also free from strong chemicals, dyes, and additives that can aggravate the skin. 

Using cold water helps to preserve the fabric’s integrity and prevents shrinking, fading, and damage that can occur with hot water. Washing in cold water also prevents urine from setting further into the fabric, which prevents that lingering smell. 


Step 5: Hot Water

You can try using a hot water treatment for stubborn urine smells that linger after washing. Hot water can help break down and loosen uric acid crystals that are deep in the fabric. Detergents can remove the crystals much easier once they’re no longer clinging as hard to the fabric. However, be careful when using hot water because it can damage some fabrics or cause shrinkage. Double-check the tag on the clothing before cleaning it with hot water.


Step 6: Dry

After washing the clothes, let them air dry completely to ensure total odor removal. Hanging clothes outside in the cool air and sunlight can help further eliminate lingering smells. Avoid using the dryer because high heat can sometimes make odors set further into the fabric and undo all your hard work to remove them.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Here are some additional tips for how to get urine smell out of clothes.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Thorough rinsing cannot be stressed enough when dealing with urine stains. Take the time to rinse the clothes thoroughly with cold water. Doing this can help get rid of any excess urine and keep it from setting into the fabric. Rinsing thoroughly ultimately makes the rest of the cleaning process more effective.

Act Fast

Time is very important when treating urine stains. The sooner you take care of the stain, the less effort you'll have to put into removing the stain. As soon as you see a fresh stain, jump into action. Use a clean cloth to gently dab the stain and absorb as much urine as you can. Avoid rubbing the area because it can spread the stain wider and make it harder to remove. 

Choose the Right Detergent

Look for detergents specifically meant for kids and babies. These detergents don’t contain strong chemicals and dyes that can cause skin irritation. Instead, they contain gentle but effective ingredients that are tough on stains and odors while remaining gentle on the fabrics and skin. 

Odor-Neutralizing Sprays

You can purchase sprays that are specifically designed to neutralize odors on fabrics. These sprays trap and neutralize odor molecules to leave clothes smelling clean. Spray the affected area before washing for additional help with removing odors. 

Oxygen-Based Bleach

If you’re dealing with a dry urine stain or one that’s had time to set in, you can use oxygen-based bleach to help remove it. Soak the clothing in a blend of cold water and oxygen-based bleach for 30 minutes. Oxygen bleach breaks down and removes difficult stains and smells without ruining the fabric. After soaking, wash the clothes like normal with a baby-safe detergent and cold water. Make sure to check the care tag before using any type of bleach to prevent damaging the clothes.

Keep Your Baby Clean and Comfortable With

By following the steps and tips above and using the right products, you can remove urine odors from clothes. laundry detergent is a baby-safe formula that thoroughly cleans your child’s clothes without any harsh chemicals that can irritate their skin. Check out our products today to keep your little one fresh, clean, and comfortable, ready for their next adventure. 

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